Ways to deal with your suppressed emotions

Note: This is continuation of my previous post yes, i am depressed.
On becoming victim of depression due to one’s own suppressed emotions..
These following facts must be clear to you
  • Your emotions are powerful
  • You are the one who gives it power
  • The more you try to run away from thing , the more you follow it
Handling emotions
Everything is driven by energy and the fact that , “Energy is neither created nor destroyed” holds true in this case also.

So, how we can deal with those suppressed emotion?
The answer is by channeling your suppressed emotions.
Here are few methods which will help you to do it.

              1. Talk about it
Yes, talk to someone honestly about how you feel. It could be your close friend, family members or even a stranger. By doing so, you will feel your emotional pain reduce and the loneliness stop.

              2. Handle your emotions correctly
For example, it’s not correct if you shout on somebody else just because your boss shouts at you.

              3. Be assertive
The idea behind assertiveness is to express your emotions and stand up for your rights without being aggressive.

             4. Physical workout
Go to the gym or run in the park as your anger helps you train better.

             5. Cry
It helps you get rid of toxins, prevent emotions from being suppressed and  lifts your mood up. Crying releases endorphins hormones that act both as mood elevators and pain killers. Hence, men don’t feel ashamed of  shedding tears in private.

            6. Pen down your thoughts
For example, if you are suffering because of a break up with your ex, start writing a letter and  express what you feel in it.
Posting that letter or not is in your hands but it surely ease your pain.

           7. Be honest
Start being honest to your self  and remember that your sub conscious mind is smart enough to catch lies.

Don’t suppress your emotion rather express it in an efficient way so that you can’t be the victim of it in the future.