Weight loss with feet acupressure reflexology massage at home

Our sole of feet has reflex zones corresponding to all the body organs.  A simple massage on the corresponding reflex zone can help to stimulate the functioning of the organs, promote local blood circulation and aid in detoxification. It can also help to burn fat  and reduce the visceral fat. Thus a simple massage on feet can help to achieve the weight loss and promote overall health benefits.

weight loss acupressurere flexology

Massage the soles of the feet everyday

Rubbing the sole of feet together can help to speed up the blood circulation, within a short time it strengthen the body capacity to remove toxic from the body, boost metabolism and help to burn fat.

The method for the Detoxification and improving fat burning capacity of the body is as follows.

Lay down on your back in supine position on bed or on the floor.

Lift your feet and rub them in forced friction with each together. Else, you can rub with your hands and create friction, which will be much better. The friction can last up to maximum of 20 minutes and minimum of 2 minutes. If done before going to bed, can also help to get into  deep sleep.

Tapping the sole of feet

Every night before going to bed, make a  fist and tap the soles of the feet. It can help to eliminate the fatigue, promote systemic blood circulation, improve visceral detoxification function, and can also speed up the fat burning process.

Second method for Detoxification and promoting fat burning process is simple and effective.

Start from the center of the soles of the feet. Make a fist and tap the sole of feet in a rhythmic and stimulating manner. It will hardly take 2 minute to complete the tapping movement on a feet.

Rub the toes

The great toe comes under the cerebellum reflex zone, so rubbing the great toe can help to enhance the memory.

In order to aid detoxification and boosting fat burning process, just grab the big toe with both the hands and rub the inside/ outside of the great toe in circular manner. Rub them several times a day, for at least two minutes.

Shaking the feet

Feet shaking, can promote blood circulation, burn fat, and can help to promote weight loss. Also, helps to soothe the nerves, improve sleep, and promote overall health benefits.

Lie down on your back in supine position on bed or on the floor. Shake both the feet in the air, also do clockwise and anti clockwise direction for at least two minutes.

Barefoot walking

In addition to above tips, make a healthy choice of barefoot walking for additional health benefits. Try barefoot walking on pebbles or on Acupressure mats for at least 2 minutes.

Along with proper diet, regular yoga or exercise routine these feet reflexology acupressure points  may help to achieve weight loss faster.