5 Best weight loss fruits to eat ( burn fat faster)

Weight loss fruits to eat for losing weight faster. Try this list of 5 best fruits to eat for burning fat and weight loss. Include them in your weight loss diet to slim down faster.


  1.  Apple weight loss

I wrote a detailed article on “Apple diet for weight loss” recently. Read it you will gain new perspective on how eating apples can help you in your weight loss journey. Apple contains lot of beneficial nutrients that aid in shedding extra fat and weight from the bodies. Cellulose and pecitin fiber found in apple helps in digestion and lower the cholesterol in our bodies. So, eating apples will keep your body healthy and helps in healthy way to lose weight.

     2. Oats weight loss

Oats is one of the popular food among healthy choice that one make for better health. It is low in calories, and keeps us full for longer period of time. This can help you lose weight.

    3. Banana for weight loss

It is believed that number of people with edema in legs are increasing. With long sitting hours at work , insufficient active hours, disturbed sleeping cycle, are among the factors that contribute to weight gain. In these cases, eating bananas can help you lose weight, get better sleep, removes excess of water weight from the body faster. As, bananas are rich in potassium. This helps to drain excess of water or moisture from the body. Eating just 2 bananas a day will help you achieve that result. However avoid over eating the bananas as it may increase body fat.

   4. Almond dry fruits for weight loss

Eating almonds in moderation can help you control your appetite. Once you appetite is under your control, it can really benefit in weight loss.

  5.  Papaya for weight loss

 People with higher body fat percentage must include papaya in their diet. Papaya is rich in enzymes that helps to break down fat in our bodies. At the same time, papaya contains cellulose that helps to maintain blood sugar in our body. Eating papaya won’t make you feel hungry faster. It helps to reduce your hunger and appetite. Also, helps in eliminating fatigue from the body.

Along with eating above fruits for weight loss. It is important to increase your active hours, eat healthy with less oil and salts. 

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