Best time to eat yogurt daily | benefits

Yoghurt is made of special fermented milk, and its nutrients are more easily digested and absorbed by the body. As, it is probiotic can also balance the enzymes or microorganisms, thereby improving the immunity of the body. So what is the good time to eat yogurt?

  The best time to eat yogurt

  1. Eat yogurt in the morning to absorb nutrients

The morning is the time when nutrition is most needed, but you can’t eat yogurt empty stomach. You must combine it with some coarse grains, or bread together to effectively absorb the nutrients in yogurt.

  2. Eat yogurt at night for optimum calcium levels

According to studies, yoghurt is a good source of calcium in food . From the perspective of calcium supplementation, there are more benefits to eating yoghurt at night.

Experts said that from 12 o’clock in the evening to early morning, when the body’s blood calcium content is the lowest, it is beneficial to the eat food rich in calcium. At the same time, there are fewer factors that affects the absorption of calcium in the human body during this time period. Although milk also contains high levels of calcium, compared with it, the combination of lactic acid and calcium in yogurt can promote calcium absorption faster.

  3. Two hours after a meal to eat yogurt

Eat yoghurt after a meal, when the stomach juice is diluted, the pH value rises to 3-5, this environment is very suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria, especially drinking yogurt within 2 hours after a meal, gives the best effect.

  What are the benefits of drinking yogurt?

1. Eating yogurt can improve and enhance the immune system of the body.

2. Yogurt can help reduce the level of human serum cholesterol. Experiments have shown that without the use of any drugs, if you just only eat a few cups of yogurt a day, it can effectively reduce cholesterol.

3. Regular consumption of yogurt can promote intestinal movement. While eating yoghurt, although it is not possible to retire the stool, the amount of constipated stool in the body is much lower than normal.

4. It has been clinically shown that the use of sugar-free yogurt is more conducive to the prevention and treatment of diabetes (only small amounts can be consumed, not too much).

5. The yogurt has be anti-cancer properties. Bifidobacteria and bulgaricus in yogurt can effectively reduce the risk of cancer .

6. People with milk or lactose may see the bulge belly, so eat in moderation. Yogurt not only contains all the nutrients in milk but is more conducive to human absorption than milk.

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